Looking for unparalleled service and meticulous attention to detail to become stronger than ever, no matter your current fitness or strength level? You’re in the right spot. Our coaching methods are rooted in the latest research, ensuring efficient results every time. We offer personalized training plans, progressive overload techniques, evidence-based nutritional guidance, and prioritize recovery and injury prevention. Additionally, we provide accountability and utilize technology for real-time progress tracking and adjustments. This comprehensive approach guarantees not just improvements in strength but in overall health and well-being, tailored to fit your unique journey.

If you’re on the fence about embarking on the journey to become your strongest self, there’s no need to worry. I offer a complimentary Zoom consultation where you can meet with me, a coach with over 10 years of experience. During this session, we’ll discuss your personalized roadmap to success, walk you through our coaching process, and address any questions or concerns you may have. It’s a great opportunity to see how we can transform your fitness and strength goals into reality, ensuring you feel confident and informed every step of the way.

Meet John Carden, the driving force behind Primal Performance. With an illustrious background as a top-level athlete in track cycling on the olympic development team, and powerlifting—boasting over 700 pounds in competition squats and one of the first U23 lifters  in Canada to do so in  a tested meet —John’s transition from athlete to the esteemed “trainer of trainers” was driven by a deep-seated passion for fostering genuine strength and resilience. From a young age, John was determined to redefine coaching, aspiring to guide athletes to their peak without the setbacks of injuries or inefficient training. His pursuit of excellence led him from living on minimum wage in a basement apartment to attaining a prestigious CSCS certification after rigorous academic and practical training.

At Primal Performance, John’s vision is brought to life through a client-centered approach that focuses on achieving substantial, long-lasting fitness results for a diverse clientele, including elite strength athletes, youth competitors, business leaders, and dedicated parents alike. His philosophy? Supporting each client towards their unique goals, ensuring they develop not just in strength but in confidence and autonomy. If you’re looking to elevate your performance and achieve remarkable fitness milestones under the guidance of a coach who truly leads by example,

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