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Hi, I’m John, head coach and owner of Primal Performance. I started Primal Performance to elevate personal training and powerlifting coaching as I saw that there was need for top level coaches that do things right. A bit more about myself: I’m a former top-level athlete in cycling and powerlifting (I’ve squatted over 700 pounds multiple times in competition). I’ve always had a passion for training and sports and started personal training and coaching at 19 years old. They call me the trainer of trainers for a reason – many of the personal trainers in the area seek me out to be their own personal trainer! Over the last decade I’ve helped clients from all walks of life and levels of fitness achieve their goals. From elite strength athletes, youth athletes, elite business professionals, moms, dads, and everyone in between. I have a very strong passion for health and fitness and helping our clients to reach there goals, I believe in supporting clients and creating lasting change without dependence.


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