Elite Package

5 days a week (minimum 6 or 12 month contract paid in full).

​Transform your life completely with the best coaching and attention to detail you can get!

​If you have a big event or wedding coming soon or just want to look you very best, then this is for you!

What’s Included:

  • FST Recovery Sessions when needed
  • Weekly 30-minute nutrition meetings
  • Nutrition plan custom made for you
  • Elite personal training 5 days a week

​I’ll make sure there’s no excuses and nothing stopping you from achieving your goal.

Elite Package Pricing:

6 Months – $12,000 + taxes

12 Months – $18,000 + taxes

*** This is a huge discount.

Personal Training Pricing:

Head Coach $100-120/hr + taxes

Ast. Coach $60-90/hr + taxes

Must commit to 3 months minimum, pricing varies on coach and package length.

Regular Training Package

Top notch service and results! Just ask our past clients, our training isn’t just great – it’s perfect.

With years of experience training a very broad client base from elite athletes, bodybuilders, and powerlifters, to the elderly, and everything in-between.

Over the past decade in the fitness industry, I have been exposed to many different styles and approaches to training, and will find the one that works best for you and cater the training to get you to your goals

Other Services


Women's Strength

Many women and young girls would love to start strength training but can’t find a place to get them started where they felt comfortable and at home. Our women’s only program is run by Coach Chelsea.


Get top notch coaching and results remotely. If you have a goal there are no excuses, we can get you there. 1-on-1 Online Coaching is a great cost effective option to getting to your goals.


At Primal Performance, we are known for our top-notch training programs and the results they deliver. A big reason why those results happen is our client-centered coaching and approach particularly when it comes to nutrition.


Fascial Stretch Therapy was original developed for professional athletes and sport specific movements, but it is not limited to them.

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