The Primal Performance coaching team led by owner and head coach Big John

Follow the tried and true primal methods that John has developed over his career for developing an elite strength in a fast safe and efficient manner

John has been in the industry and the sport of powerlifting for over a decade, some even say he was raised by the barbell, what sets the primal system an apart is its both science and real-world application backed

Our system is also not black and white it is designed to make every lifter the strongest they can be there is no right or wrong stance or training program we do however believe there is a best one for every lifter and it’s going to look very different depending on the level you compete at, your body size and leverages and many other factors

This system was developed with both powerlifting and strength and conditioning for athletics being the major influencers

During the early years of Johns’s career, he worked as a strength and conditioning coach under a few of the best coaches in the world along with his powerlifting competitions and learned from all the lifters that he could as well as ripping apart every book Lou Simmons ever talked about. He came up with a system that produces amazing results for raw lifters in a fashion that is sustainable and smart

The primal coaching team has been using it since we started and the results we have created for our lifters speak for themselves

We have taken many lifters form sub-par totals or never lifting and turned them into elite level lifters


Our coaching system ss designed to make our lifters succeed it focuses on high quality technical and meet day coaching putting the lifter’s goals first

We offer the best in terms of coaching and technical feedback in the industry

Whether you work with us online, in person or hybrid you will get results

We use a programing app with demos of all exercises for every lifters program

Each program is signed off by John before it is sent out to the clients
We leave no stone unturned we work on everything, warm-up, nutrition, lifestyle coaching, recovery, types of equipment etc the list goes on we go after everything to make you the best you can be!! We are partnered with Project Health to provide our team with the best treatment possible

We have created a community of lifters in person and online that support each other and push each other to get better, unlike other powerlifting gyms where lifters compete with everyone we work together!!!

Come see why primal is the place for powerlifting in Mississauga and Brampton and the surrounding areas!

Powerlifting Cleint accomplishments

  • Medals in all federations in Canada at the national level both male and female 15 plus medalist 
  • 4 national record holders 
  • many of our developed lifters have gone on to compete in the high levels of powerlifting 
  • all our long term powerlifting clients got significantly stronger on all lifts 
  • We have taking many newbies from the ground level and turn them into super strong lifters! 
  • An almost zero % injury rate among our lifters!!! this is a something we pride our selfs on, we make our lifters move much better during there time with us and it greatly reduces injury risk

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