The Forge Powerlifting League or FPL is a league for those looking to prepare for bigger competitions or to dip there fit into the sport of powerlifting


To Foster the grassroots level of powerlifting in Ontario

It can be very intimidating to start the sport of powerlifting at a sanctioned meet

There are a lot of rules and pressure, it can be confusing what are the commands, and where do I even get the equipment, I am ready to commit to lifting enough to pay membership dues to a federation

We have noticed for a long time there was a gap in the sport a barrier to entry if you will and we wanted to bridge that gap and help grow powerlifting in Canada/Ontario

We noticed It can be very hard for new lifters and a lot of times after that first meet because the experience is so overwhelming and at times not positive due to the pressure that they don’t come back

Our goal is to get lifters ready so that when they go to these meets they don’t have that experience


To create a community that develops the sport of powerlifting in the province and allows more lifters to get into sanctioned meets and enjoy it


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Meet 1 NameMeet 1 Best SQ (kg)Meet 1 Best BP (kg)Meet 1 Best DL (kg)IPF PointsMeet 1 PlacementsPlacing PointsVolunteer Points9/9 PointsMeet 1 Total Points
Lucas T.200.0130.0210.0572.841400040
Glendon R.225.0155.0260.0570.002380038
Nicole R.150.097.5140.0524.214330538
Aleksandr L.190.0100.0200.0527.743360036
Anesa R.112.570.0130.0514.806290534
Shaila B97.550.0110.0516.685310031
Mark R.155.0115.0212.5493.358250530
Vithusan J.187.5107.5210.0501.657270027
Nicole C.90.045.0130.0483.589210021
Jordan L.155.082.5182.5460.6011190019
Michael G187.5125.0215.0443.8112180018
Anika B.62.535.0102.5393.8017130518
Ryan B.147.5122.5160.0439.3413170017
Raymond T.180.0112.5195.0438.0214160016
Nikki Y.75.035.0102.5348.2319110516
Naomi K.77.552.5102.5415.4815150015
Amy S.70.037.595.0344.1320100515
Emrah S.130.087.5155.0404.9716140014
Risham N.
Daniel G.132.580.0200.0382.2418120012
Terri J.67.537.597.5343.52219009
Evan B.120.060.0142.5335.21228008
Grace R.62.532.570.0291.78237007
Adam P.
Natalie S.42.542.50.0DNF250000
Meet 2 NameMeet 2 Best SQ (kg)Meet 2 Best BP (kg)Meet 2 Best DL (kg)IPF PointsMeet 2 Placements

Placing Points

Volunteer / PR Points

9/9 PointsMeet 2 Total Points
Alan D.17595210465.0782026551
Hakeem 175122.5210583.9651400040
Mark R.162.5115212.5521.5754332540
Glendon R.220150242.5560.1962380038
DavId W.185122.5212.5525.2353360036
Hassamm M.165110195486.095290029
William T.13570160345.44171111527
Terri J.77.540105470.6227216027
Micheal P.195107.5197.5477.2766250025
Amy S.72.545102.5393.091612


Jason V.232.5140245462.5799190019
Nikki Y.102.540110402.896515136019
Josh B.182.582.5262.5453.66210180018
Lluke 14087.5190441.03812160016
Alta 147.5100190414.67513150015
Matthew A.13090150339.2791890514
Natalie S.6037.565DNF210000
Meet 3 NameMeet 3 Best SQ (kg)Meet 3 Best BP (kg)Meet 3 Best DL (kg)IPF Points Meet 3 PlacementsPlacing Points

Volunteer / PR Points

9/9 Points Meet 3 Total Points
Glendon R.212.5157.5245.0543.471402547
Ruth E.117.560.0142.5497.892380038
Anika B.82.547.5120.0494.643366042
Filip N.205.092.5240.0455.224330538
Suki M.102.562.5147.5448.215310031
Ethan C.147.587.5165.0447.956290029
Hassan K.152.597.5200.0442.707270027
Wesley D.160.0110.0205.0435.158250530
Jason V.210.0142.5207.5406.529212528
Terri J.82.542.5110.0395.6610206026
Madison P.77.532.5115.0386.4911190019
Adam P.165.0115.0192.5370.2512180018
Kajeevan K.132.590.0185.0353.6013170017
Jason B.110.0100.0185.0334.9414160016
Michael S.120.095.0170.0324.8215150015
Natalie S.65.042.592.5289.7316144018
Maxime B.135.070.0162.5263.5217130518
Eljohn M.82.562.5127.5258.7118120012


For the full events page, click here – Primal Events.


Absolutely not the league is open to anyone that wants to compete

We are not affiliated with any powerlifting Federation and don’t require you to be a member of one. As the purpose of our meets is to foster the grass root level of powerlifting we want to ensure the barrier to entry and cost to lifters stay low

What is deemed as “raw” is allowed.

– Lifting belt of any nature (one only)
– Knee sleeves (no knee warps whatsoever)
– Wrist Warps
– Any sort of lifting or athletic shoe
– Singlet or tight-fitting shorts/leggings and tee shirt

– Any multiple briefs and or gear
– Slingshot
– Bear feet
– Baggy clothing ie hoodie and sweats

Like all powerlifting feds, we compete in kilos with competition equipment

There is no chipping in the FPL you must increase in 2.5 kilo jumps

No, we make it so everyone that completes a lift will not get bombed out our goal is to educate lifters and prepare them to compete in a sanctioned meet in one of the major federations

Our judges will educate you on the rules and what you need to correct after each attempt

First attempt, as long as the lift is completed, you will get a pass. You will be told what you need to do moving forward to make said lift.

If you miss load and the opener is too heavy we will allow you to lower your second attempt to give you a fair chance to stay in meet, but also for our spotter’s safety and your safety, if you don’t complete your opening lift to a decent level, you will not get pass and will be told exactly how to pass it next time.

All overall prizes will be given out at the end of meet 4 this includes the 1000 cash prize for first overall

How will receive points for placing out of 40 and can also earn points for going 9/9 and setting a league pr along with volunteering at a meet and spotting and loading for a meet

Placing is determined by IPF points one of the most fairways to compare the strength and taking into account gender, age and weight to create a relative score for strength level

Powerlifting consists of the 3 major lifts or the big 3: Squat, Bench, Deadlift
You get 3 attempts at each lift to post your best score
This total weight is now your final score which is called a total

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