“kept me focused, motivated and has programmed my workouts perfectly” – Corey

Corey Ross (20s) – Working Professional – Powerlifting Team & Competitor

I’ve spent one year training as a powerlifter with John and in that year I’ve seen unprecedented results. I explained to John that I had previously been training since 2018 and I wanted to participate in powerlifting by taking it to the next level and needed his help to program my routine and nutrition to accommodate my goals of competing nationally in the IPF.

Below outlines my progression in the three lifts you are measured against in powerlifting:

01/01/2019 to 01/01/2020

Max Bench: 315 lbs to 360 lbs (+45 lbs)

Max Squat: 500 lbs to 585 lbs (+85 lbs)

Max Deadlift: 515 lbs to 560 lbs (+45 lbs)

As you can see above, since starting with Primal Performance I’ve added 45 lbs to my bench, 85 lbs to my squat, and 45 lbs to my deadlift, adding 175 lbs to my total. I can honestly say that without Primal Performance, I would not have been able to achieve the increases in my lifts that I did over the past year. John has kept me focused, motivated and has programmed my workouts perfectly to allow me to continue to progress and not plateau.

John impresses me because he leads by example. Everything he preaches, he practices 100%. The first time I watched him squat, it made me want to get to a point where I could put up some serious weight because I saw the respect he commanded from everyone in the gym when he threw that much weight up. John is a great trainer but more importantly a great person and I’m very thankful for meeting him and having him on my fitness team! I’m excited to see what results I’ll be able to report in 2021 after competing in May this year and later in the season at provincials and beyond.