Powerlifting Group Class

Primal Strength Classes = NoT Just another Group Class!

At Primal we are very well known for getting people very strong and amazing results, but never for group training, as it is a very different animal. However, we knew that we could tackle it and provide a much better program than what is out there.

Group training can be fun and a great workout, however it gets a rap among those in the know as being kind of ineffective for producing major strength gains or body changes. This in large part is due to complete lack of structured monthly training and or any technical cueing.

Any type of activity is great for anyone, but at Primal we feel the industry is not servicing the market properly and should do a much better job at delivering fun yet high quality programming that effects real change in the client’s life, health, and fitness. That’s exactly what we do with our personal training and powerlifting programs.

What makes it so much better than a CrossFit program, F45 or another group training or boot camp?

The biggest one is complete lack of structure (i.e., a periodized plan which we will touch on and what that means later in this blog). The body needs to build and adapt to training, so doing random workouts every day or several times per week will not get you very good results.

Group and boot camps have instructors most of the time that do not lift or if they do, do not have too much experience in lifting heavy. At Primal, all our coaches powerlift and have competed at some level in the sport. This experience translates to technical proficiency when it comes to lifting and they have a lot more hands on knowledge than most coaches out there in the industry.

We are hands on coaches, this means we are not simply counting reps or being a cheerleader. We are in there making sure you know exactly what you are doing and improve your form, as well as modify or adjust aspects from the current program that do not work for you.

You said periodized program a few times. What exactly does that mean?

Periodization is essentially your training road map to success. If you are not following a map, you are highly likely going to end up lost and alone in this world and in training, it can very much be like that as well.

The body takes time to adapt to training, so you also need time to learn and adapt to a movement. This is one of the major reasons why changing things every single workout and week makes no sense. Think about it; how can you build and refine a skill if you do not dedicate enough time to actually work on it? You cannot.

It has been found that programs which follow a similar weekly layout for a period of approximately 3-6 weeks are most effective for providing results for any training goal over doing random workouts.

I want to be stronger, but I do not think I am strong enough to join just yet. Should I wait?

The old “I want to be closer to my goal before I get help” makes zero sense to any coach and to anyone you say the excuse to.

The best time to get help is the start. If you start off on the right foot, everything is so much easier and allows you to progress so much easier as opposed to feeling lost and overwhelmed. That wondering what to do which can lead to a frustrating process or even stopping your training for weeks or even months at a time. If not that, then doing the same thing over and over expecting to change is the other common scenario. Whether you have been through one or both above scenarios, its undeniable you want to progress. To get to where you need to be, you must stop the madness and get started with some help!

Even if you are not at the start of your lifting or health and fitness journey, you can and always will benefit from reaching out and getting quality coaching. Oftentimes people will think they are far ahead or advanced, but after a lifting assessment or strength demo class realize that they have a lot more they can work on to become better.

This is exactly why we at Primal do not believe there is only a “right time” to get help. Start today and your future self will thank you for it!

How could group training improve my strength and get my results faster?

For some, group training is amazing as they can find one-on-one personal training not to be to their liking. Part of why this may be the case is that some prefer a more social experience with a group of like-minded people looking to achieve the same thing and hold you accountable.

Members of our strength class know who is in the class and will actually check up on each other I they miss a class or a workout. Talk about great support and accountability that is hard to find even from your family and friends.

Having that positive and honest support network can greatly improve the success of your training, as it will hold you to coming in a lot more than working out by yourself. Your gym family will come looking for you and they will not let you skip out in a group training setting.

Will I get taught how to lift? I have been going to other classes, and I feel like while I sweat, I do not improve, or I get hurt when I push harder.

At Primal, form is very important so you will definitely be coached on how to lift better and corrected on the spot if you are making errors during a workout. This is to ensure that you not only lift safely and effectively but learn what it is you are improving on. Contact us to learn more.