What is a realistic fat loss goal time frame ??

We are in full swing of new year’s resolution time and with that, usually comes fat loss and weight loss goals. The thing is most weight loss goals, in our opinion, are really fat loss goals that clients think are weight loss. Weight loss and fat loss have similarities but are also different. 

We see a lot of people with amazing fat loss goals every year and so many of them start off so great. The industry overemphasizes the importance of the new year to prompt consumers to immediately get help. 

While this may not seem like a bad thing to some, it serves as a catalyst in driving the yo-yo effect and to be completely honest with you, they know exactly what they are doing. They love it, but the problem is they sell you what is fast and easy, but the reality is, losing weight and losing fat especially are neither of those things. For those that need to lose a lot of it, it is actually a difficult task to take on, but not impossible.

What is the reasonable gold standard timeline for weight loss?

The very well-set rule in the health and fitness field is four pounds per month of weight loss, to a maximum of approximately eight pounds per month. The higher end of the range (the 8) is for people on the high end of the spectrum as it relates to body weight. On the opposite end of the spectrum, smaller individuals may even be two pounds per month, depending on the situation. 

So, as you can see, it does vary but there is a reasonable standard to refer to. This is not meant to put a ceiling on you to discourage you, but what it does do is allow us to gauge weight and fat loss goals. When you view it with this in mind, you can now understand why the goal of thirty pounds in 3 months starts to look extreme and unachievable while not jeopardizing health in the process. 

We have found a goal of three pounds per month to be perfect for most. This way they can ensure a lot of fat burns and most muscle mass is maintained, which in turn will help change their look or shape and tone up their bodies.

But I need to lose so much weight and fat…how is just three pounds going to help me?

Funny you should ask that. Many people have that very same question when starting with us. Well, let us explain and break it down for you. If you do that, at that pace for an entire year every month, you will have lost a massive thirty-six pounds! Not only that, but you have done it in a way you can sustain and keep. Sounds a lot more successful compared to pushing extremely hard for only a short time just to gain it all back and double that. Unfortunately, this is often the case when one goes on an aggressive approach to fat loss or weight loss. Honestly speaking, most of us out there have tried it many times and it is a vicious, never-ending cycle. Slow and steady is the better way. If you are willing to have patience, you can find the right dietary approach for you and be the fittest, happiest, and healthiest you can be! 

Focus on the week-to-week goal vs the end number 

When we talk mindset, this is a huge gamechanger especially if you need to lose 50-100 or more pounds of weight! That is a mountain and a half and is no small feat. As mentioned earlier in this blog, it is very hard to accomplish but is doable with time. A timeframe of 18 months plus will certainly be a given for most and that is perfectly fine and this way it will stay off. The problem is if you track, the mountain makes the goal seem much harder. When you break it down to a smaller, monthly goal it will make achieving your goals and staying on track after you have achieved them a lot easier.

The mountain may seem exceptionally large when you look at it for what it is, but the idea of setting and reaching checkpoints week by week allows it to become not only more manageable, but at times fun compared to chasing a huge goal. The likelihood of staying there with this approach is much higher, so it is a no brainer to take this mindset and it works great in other areas as well!

So how come online and on social media it looks so easy?

Well, that is the beauty of the digital age we live in, and it only keeps evolving with time and advancements. There are so many people around the world, so anything can work for some and the portrayal of that makes it seem magnified. It is a common pitfall that in the marketing of fitness on the big stage and on social media all timelines are exaggerated to create a more desirable outreach and effect. Because of this, there are also competent professionals with good intentions in the industry these days that are on a mission to educate the masses on what is right, as are we at Primal! Many out there still need to improve on this to be effective.