“always encourages me to push harder, keeps me on track and keeps me accountable” – Joey

Joey (30s) – Personal Trainer – Personal Training, Bodybuilding Competitor

I met with John who was one of the trainers but also helps with managing the gym and he was super friendly answered all the questions when it comes to signing up for a membership. He was was open to answering any personal training questions as I was looking for a trainer for me. He gave me a tour around the gym, explain the operation hours and other important information before I made the decision of signing up. The gym was also very clean it didn’t have that sweaty smell like most larger gyms have. Unfortunately, they don’t have showers however they do have Locker space and washrooms.

I signed up with John as my personal trainer which has been coaching me for the last 2 years. He is an amazing coach. He understands my movement patterns and works with my capabilities. He always encourages me to push harder. He always keeps me on track and keeps me accountable. I know that other trainers don’t have that ability to keep their clients accountable outside of the gym, I’m just fortunate that John is passionate about making sure that I have reached my goal and Fitness. I highly recommend looking into signing up with Forged Performance as well as working with John as a coach. Not only he can coach as a high-performance but he is also really great with a wide variety of people and their needs and fitness. He is super smart and knowledgeable as well as an amazing human being.